We will never offer a product to our valued customers that we would not consume ourselves. We have carefully formulated FOS Mastiha Spirit, FOS Ouzo, and FOS Sparkling Water, using the absolute best ingredients, tradition, love, and care.

We focus on quality versus quantity. We cater to the discerning consumer . We have a very rigorous selection process. Our team of experts that is permanently based in Greece is constantly traveling and searching for unique products in the four corners of our beautiful country. Our expert sommeliers on both sides of the Atlantic will then refine the search process, and they must unanimously agree on the selection before Ambrosia Group makes the decision to include it in its exclusive portfolio of wines and spirits. We aim to have exclusive distribution of our products. We get to know our wineries intimately, and our spirits are specifically formulated to our taste. We are highly focused on taste trends, as well as awakening the consumers' senses to new grape varieties, or grape varieties that are extremely rare, sometimes almost extinct .

Heaven is a place on earth, possibly Greece. We invite you to explore our unique selections. They tell a story that is deeply rooted in our vast heritage. After all, in Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food and drink of the Gods.

Gia mas !