George J. Zeritis brings exceptional talent, leadership and business acumen to Ambrosia Group LLC. A Greek native who also speaks Italian and English, George attended Athens College where his talent for leadership began to emerge with his contributions to the college’s student union. He later attended Franklin College in Switzerland, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and International Management, and served as president of the Greek Students Community. Only one year later, he earned a Masters in Business Administration from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in New York, one of the nation’s best regional universities, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 “Best Colleges” rankings.

During his years in Switzerland, George developed a network of diverse, influential friends, acquaintances and business associates that he maintains to this day.

Following his military service, George joined Pyramids Paper Mills and Thrace Paper Mills in Egypt, thus beginning nearly 15 years of extraordinary leadership with these companies as well as their renowned parent company, the Zeritis Group in Greece, which owns and operates companies in Europe and the Middle East. As managing director, George successfully turned Pyramids Paper Mills into the Zeritis Group’s most profitable subsidiary, a position it still enjoys to this day.

Through his many years managing private companies as well as serving as a partner in a contracting business, George has developed an exceptional ability to create successful teams resulting in the highest quality products and services. His talent at recognizing and tapping into growth potential has fueled his success both in private business as well as his work with the Panhellenic Chamber of Commerce, as cashier and member of the board of directors.

A lover of the arts, George enjoys visiting museums and galleries around the world. Sharing a passion for beauty, art, quality and value, George and Pierre have now combined their diverse skills and talents in Ambrosia Group LLC to offer you a world-class array of products of the highest quality from their native land of Greece.